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Fake News: Finding Truth in What’s Simply Unbelievable
Image May 4, 2018 Events,News Michelle Matthews

Join us for our spring sermon series entitled “Fake News: Finding Ultimate Truth in What’s Simply Unbelievable” (April 15-May 27). The story of Jesus is Good News, but if we’re honest, much of it feels like fake news. Many of the main stories and tenants of Christian faith are fantastical, supernatural, and implausible. Resurrection? Ascension?

Sunday Suppers for the Homeless
Image January 6, 2017 Events,News Michelle Matthews

 The Kingstowne Communion gathers on the first Sunday of every month to make and take a Sunday Supper to the homeless community in DC. We gather from 3:30-5:30pm that day to make and package a home-cooked meal, sandwiches, and boiled eggs. Then, from 5:30-8pm (including travel time) we serve what we have made in the