Faith in the 1st Person

Faith in the 1st Person
February 23, 2018 Comments Off on Faith in the 1st Person Events,News Michelle Matthews

Lent 2018 Sermon Series:
Faith in the 1st Person: A Journey in Vulnerability through the Psalms

Sunday, Feb 18 – Sunday, Mar 25

We’re good at talking about God from afar – what God’s like, what God has done in Jesus, what God expects of us, but we’re not so good at articulating where we see God and how we undergo God in our daily lives. This Lent, we will listen to each other’s testimonies of God in our lives and grow in our vulnerability with God and each other.

Sun, Feb 18 – Psalm 6 (Vulnerable)

Sun, Feb 25 – Psalm 139 (Known)

Sun, Mar 4 – Psalm 85 (Imagination)

Sun, Mar 11 – Psalm 126 (Remembrance)

Sun, Mar 18 – Psalm 150 (Praise)

Sun, Mar 25 – Psam 31 (Broken)