Who Am I: The 9 Epiphanies of the Soul

Who Am I: The 9 Epiphanies of the Soul
December 30, 2018 Comments Off on Who Am I: The 9 Epiphanies of the Soul News Michelle Matthews

The season of Epiphany (which begins January 6) leads us to asks two important Christian questions: who is this God who meets us in a manger and who am I in light of who this God is? 

Who am I? Who is the God of the Universe and the manger calling me to be?  These were the questions those Near Eastern wise men – a mix of scholars, philosophers, astronomers, mystics – pondered around fire pit as they followed that divine star to Bethlehem, and these are the questions that circulate through our minds daily.

Who am I? And in what ways am I in need of transformation to be the best version of who God has made me? The problem is that religious people are often the hardest to enlighten and transform because we don’t think we need to be. We often find more openness and responsiveness to self-reflection in county jail than we do most churches. Unfortunately, much of Western Christianity today has more to do with disguising the ego behind the screen of religion and culture than of any real movement toward God or transformation of the ego self.

This winter, join us as we explore together the ancient tool of the Enneagram to help us ask this question of Who am I? The Enneagram is not a personality test like many of the ones you have taken before. Developed in it’s Christian understanding, by desert monk Evagrius Ponticus (399 AD) and later solidified by Franciscan Friar Blessed Ramon Lull (1236-1315), the Enneagram is an exploration of the 9 faces of the human soul (and the desires, needs, sins, and patterns for growth for each). The understanding is that each of us has some of each face in us, but we all have leading faces, faces that define who we are and live within the world.

Week 1 (Jan 6) – Face/Epiphany 1 | The Reformer

Week 2 (Jan 13) – Face/Epiphany 2 | The Helper

Week 3 (Jan 20) – Face/Epiphany 3 | The Motivator

Week 4 (Jan 27) – Face/Epiphany 4 | The Romantic

Week 5 (Feb 3) – Face/Epiphany 5 | The Thinker

Week 6 (Feb 10) – Face/Epiphany 6 | The Skeptic

Week 7 (Feb 17) – Face/Epiphany 7 | The Enthusiast

Week 8 (Feb 24) – Face/Epiphany 8 | The Leader

Week 9 (Mar 3) – Face/Epiphany 9 | The Peacemaker

Our hope is that by exploring these 9 faces of the soul, by having our 9 epiphanies this Epiphany season, that we will love God more deeply, know ourselves more fully in light of the God who meets us in Jesus, and understand more charitably our families, neighbors, co-workers as we seek to love our neighbor as ourself.

To find out predominant number(s) on the Enneagram (the face of the soul out of which you most fully operate), take the Enneagram 9 Types Test. This is a short sample version of the test. We strongly recommend you to read over the type descriptions after taking the test to see if the type fits you. Often you can discern you own Enneagram number through reading the descriptions. To know for sure, though, go to the Enneagram Institute and pay $10 for the full 144 question version of the test.