About Us

Welcome to the Table.

The Kingstowne Communion is a new United Methodist Church that is committed to serving God and sharing God’s love in Alexandria, VA and the surround areas, most specifically below the beltway.

The Kingstowne Communion exists to gather people into communion with Jesus Christ through courageous conversation, creative community, and collaborating for the common good. We gather every Sunday for worship and throughout the week for Common Tables, Pub Theology, and community engagement, in order that we might build lasting relationship, serve our neighbors, and put God’s love into action.

We believe that Christian faith should impact the way we live each day, and so our activities are meant to draw us into the love of God (and the loving community of God’s people) and send us forth to live for God each day.

Our Location.

We worship Sunday Mornings at 10 AM at Island Creek Elementary School in the Island Creek Neighborhood of Alexandria.

7855 Morning View Lane
Alexandria, VA 22315

Because we are a new church, we don’t have a “church building” in a traditional sense. We gather for worship each Sunday at 10:00 AM at Island Creek Elementary School, and you are invited to come and discover the presence of God during this time. For more about what to expect in worship, visit our worship page.


Our worship comfortably blends the traditional and modern. We are modern in style but we also include ancient practices that connect us to God and to people of faith across time and space. We like to talk about worship as being a time when we practice ancient traditions with a fresh spin so that we can better let ancient wisdom speak into our contemporary lives.

For more information about our worship, check out our Worship page.

What Type of Church are We?

At the Kingstowne Communion, you will find worship that comfortably blends the traditional and modern, a grassroots mission embedded in the community, an open and inclusive place to belong, and a relatable and challenging Christ-centered message.

We are a church that is open to all people, and that is committed to seeking God, seeking truth, and seeking connection with all of God’s people. Jesus embraced and empowered all, so we work to do so too. We strive to be lgbtq+ affirming, creation caring, pro-immigrant, peace-making, community-building, racial-justice seeking, all-ability welcoming Christians. Doubters, seekers, atheists, agnostics and committed people of faith are all welcome. Bring your hopes and your questions–most of all bring your whole self.

We hold to many historic Christian beliefs, but we also are full of people who have struggles and doubts and wrestle with their faith. We believe that you don’t have to have it all figured out in order to be a part of the church. If you are willing to seek God and try to follow Jesus (or even if you’re just trying to figure out if you want that stuff), there is a place for you with us. For more about what we believe, check out our What We Believe page.

In terms of our connection to other churches, we are a United Methodist Church. This means that we belong to a “big tent” denomination where lots of folks have lots of different opinions about God and life, but have found a way to come together in order to join in God’s work and share life together. For more about what it means to be a United Methodist, check out our What We Believe page.

We also have a special relationship with Aldersgate United Methodist Church in the Fort Hunt area of Alexandria, Virginia. You may hear people talking about “Aldersgate” often.  The people of Aldersgate United Methodist Church were integral to establishing the Kingstowne Communion and continue to provide us with amazing support (prayer, staffing, administrative help, financial support, pitching in on events, and much more).

For more about Aldersgate United Methodist Church visit their website: aldersgate.net.

The People of the Kingstowne Communion.

Our church includes people of a variety of ages, who live in a variety of places in the Alexandria, East Springfield, North Lorton, Franconia and beyond area. We are from a variety of backgrounds with various experiences of church before arriving at the Kingstowne Communion. We include infants, children, teenagers, and adults from fresh out of college to the joys of retirement. We include people who are lifelong Christians, people who are new to faith, people who have been away from church for years and are only now returning, and folks from all sorts of Christian traditions. We include people who are very confident in their faith and people who aren’t sure about what they believe but who really want to figure out this God/Jesus thing in the midst of a community.