June 3, 2016 Kim Johnson

The Kingstowne Communion is a daughter campus of Aldersgate United Methodist Church. We share financial stewards but hold different budgets and accounts.

All money donated toward The Kingstowne Communion goes directly toward expanding our mission and presence in Kingstowne.

To make a one-time online gift, use the button below or text Kingstowne Give $XX (replacing the X’s with the dollar amount) to 73256.




Making a Recurring Financial Commitment to Kingstowne

The Kingstowne Communion is making strides to be sustainable and completely independent from Aldersgate Church by December 2020. One of the first steps was to set up our own online giving account. We are using the 2019 year to fully transfer all giving accounts, which means that, currently, some of our givers are giving to Kingstowne through Aldersgate’s account and some of our givers are giving to Kingstowne through Kingstowne’s new online giving account.

If you have not yet made a recurring online gift to the Kingstowne Communion, go to and use these instructions to set up your account.

If you have already made a recurring online gift prior to April 2019 and would like to access your account to change the frequency of giving or increase your commitment, visit Stay tuned for more information about how to transfer to the new account before making your 2020 commitment.

Thank you for bearing with us as we transition!


Hear a couple testimonies from some of our givers:

Once again, thank you for giving to the Kingstowne Communion!
Thank you for making our mission and ministry possible!