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Welcome to the Kingstowne Communion.

We are glad you’ve decided to explore our website and we would love to meet you in person and answer any questions you might have about us.  If you’d like to contact us, please send Pastor Michelle an email at michelle@kingstownecommunion.net or call us at (703) 660-2610.  If you would like to learn more about our church, our pastor would be glad to take you out for a cup of coffee, answer your questions, and get to know you better.

You are invited to gather into communion with God and other people at the Kingstowne Communion.  Whoever you are, wherever you’re from, and whatever you believe, you are welcome to the table! You are welcome at the Kingstowne Communion!

Worship at the Kingstowne Communion.

You are invited to worship with the Kingstowne Communion every Sunday at 10 AM at Island Creek Elementary School in the Island Creek neighborhood (7855 Morning View Lane, Alexandria, VA 22315). You can park in Island Creek’s front parking lot, enter the door to the right of the main entrance which will take you directly into the cafeteria where we worship. It’s the door next to all the signs for our church! When you come to worship, you should expect to encounter friendly people who are passionate about having courageous conversations, building creative community, and collaborating for the common good. We worship God, grow in faith together, care for each other, and live lives of love together.

Our worship style is a comfortable blend of modern and traditional. Many people wear jeans and t-shirts to worship, but you will also see some dressier clothes (but probably no suits).  Our regular Sunday worship includes (among other things) individual and communal prayer, music and singing led by our band (guitar, piano, drums, etc.), readings from Scripture, a sermon that helps us explore how what we believe about God shapes our daily lives, holy communion, and opportunities to respond to God’s love.  For more about worship, including what to wear, what to expect, how children participate, and much more, check out our Worship page.

The Kingstowne Communion During the Week

You are invited to connect with the Kingstowne Communion during the week through joining a Common Table (our form of small groups), attending Pub Theology, or participating in a community event we’re co-hosting depending on the season.

Our pastor and our staff love to meet with new people throughout the week. We don’t have an office, but we find it even more intimate and community-centric to meet in local coffee shops, breweries, and parks with people interested in learning more about our church. All you have to do is reach out, and we would LOVE to take you to coffee, hear your story, and tell you a little more about our church.

Getting Involved

There are lots of ways to get involved at the Kingstowne Communion.  We believe in serving others and building community, and so we work hard to create opportunities for service and connection for people of all ages. You are invited to check out our serve page and our community page for more information about how you can find your place with us.

Growing in Faith

You are invited to grow in faith at the Kingstowne Communion.

There are opportunities for childrenyouth, and adults to grow in faith. We encourage you to check out each of those pages for more about how we seek to help people of all ages encounter God and put God’s love into action through courageous conversation, creative community, and collaborating for the common good.

What We Believe

You are invited to explore faith with us. The Kingstowne Communion exists to gather people into communion with Jesus Christ through courageous conversation, creative community, and collaborating for the common good. We are a church that is passionate about following Jesus, encountering God, growing in faith, and putting God’s love into action. We also believe that God welcomes our questions, and so we encourage asking tough questions and wrestling with the important issues of faith. For more details, we encourage you to check out the Who We Are and What We Believe pages.

What’s Happening

You are invited to join us for one of our special community events and pop-up worship services.  Especially if you’re not sure about our church (or even about church in general), we encourage you to test us out at one of our regular community events and pop-up worship services.  For more about what’s coming up (and what we’ve done recently) at the Kingstowne Communion, check out our Facebook page.

You are Invited

We believe that God’s love is so good that it has to be shared. We are passionate about inviting new people to the table to discover God’s love and experience the growth in faith and new life that we are discovering together. Therefore, we are always excited to welcome new people to take this journey of faith with us.

You are invited to join in this journey, and you are always welcome here!

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