Kingstowne Kids

Kingstowne Kids
November 22, 2016 Bret Salmons


Children’s Ministry.

See. Be Seen. Experience.

All children are loved by God.  At the Kingstowne Communion, we seek to help children and their families build a solid foundation for a lifetime of faith while also equipping them to live as Christians today.  Therefore, we seek to give children the tools that will help them mature in faith as they get older while also offering them opportunities to participate in ministry in the present.

By participating in the Children’s Ministry at Haymarket Church, children learn stories of faith and begin to discover their own place in God’s story.  They also learn habits and practices that are essential for a lifetime of faith – worship, prayer, communion, studying Scripture, service, and more.

Sunday Morning.

worship-kidsOur children’s ministry is centered in what children experience on Sunday mornings. At 10 AM each Sunday, children are invited to gather with their families in our worship space at Island Creek Elementary School. Because we believe that children learn to worship God by worshiping (and by watching adults worship), our worship service begins with all ages worshiping together. This gives our children the opportunity to gather, sing, pray, and feel included in the “big church.” We believe that this sense of inclusion makes a big difference in enabling children to know, deep down, that they are always welcome and “at home” in God’s church. At some point early in the service, children are invited forward for the “Children’s Message” – a time when they get to sit with our pastor or Family Ministries Director and explore faith together. We hope that this time will help children develop a sense of connection with our staff – and that that connection will be a spiritual resource for them as they grow in faith and life.

Once the Children’s Message is complete, as the rest of the congregation prepares to listen for God through Scripture and sermon, children from 5 years old through 5th grade are invited to head off to our children’s classroom, where they will encounter God’s story in ways that fit their particular developmental and learning needs. Our communion servers will bring communion to the children in their own space at the conclusion of Holy Communion in worship. Parents are invited to pick their children up from their classroom once worship is completed.

Nursery care is available each Sunday morning during worship for children from birth through 4 years old. Our nursery is staffed by trained childcare workers and volunteers who love sharing God’s love and teaching our littlest ones. Your children are always welcome to stay with you during worship, but if you need a break we are happy to host them in our nursery.

Sunday Check-in

When you arrive in worship, you are asked to check in your children at our children’s registration station (at the hospitality tent). Please indicate anything you think we should know about your child at registration, including but not limited to allergies, etc.

Service Opportunities

Serving others is an essential part of what Christians do.  We therefore work hard to create opportunities for people of all ages – including children – to serve others.  Not only do these service opportunities make a difference in the lives of others (they do), but they also create opportunities for all of us (adults and children) to learn to make service a part of our everyday lives.  Our regular church-wide service events include opportunities for children to put God’s love into action and collaborate for the common good by serving others, because none of us are too young to do something to make a difference. Learn more about our service opportunities on our Service Opportunties page.

Our Children’s Ministries Goals

Mrs. Alyssa, our Kingstowne Kids Children’s Director, longs to create a Christian education atmosphere where children:

– feel safe, loved, and nurtured spiritually

– gain a knowledge of key bible passages that shape the Christian faith

– grow in their love of Jesus, the church, and the community

– participate in worship and Godly play

– learn to serve the community where they see a need

– continue faith conversations at home, strengthening their faith with their family

– are not just learners but also teachers

Contact Alyssa with any questions, joys or concerns at her email