Kingstowne Missions

Kingstowne Missions
November 1, 2021 Bret Salmons

At Kingstowne Communion, we collaborate for the common good. Working with our community partners and local organizations, we offer many opportunities to serve with our mission projects throughout the year. Check this page often for the latest list of upcoming projects, ways you can help, and links to sign up.

Third Sunday Lunch for Rising Hope

Over the summer, Rising Hope began offering a 11am worship service for the community they resource living along the Rt. 1 corridor. This service regularly gathers now about 30 people for worship, most of whom are unsheltered or in transitional housing along Rt. 1. After the service, a meal is served to this worshipping community at noon, and the Kingstowne Communion has been invited to provide this meal. Is cooking or baking your love language? The way you serve best? Sign-up to provide a part of this monthly meal, and drop off your part of the meal at Rising Hope between 10am and noon on the upcoming 3rd Sunday.

Sign up at this link.

Thank you for helping us provide Sunday lunch for the worshipping community of Rising Hope Mission Church.

This year, the Kingstowne Communion has adopted 5 families (17 children), food insecure and living in poverty along the Route 1 Corridor, to purchase Christmas Angel Gifts (32 gifts total) for this holiday season.
Sign-up here for the child/gift you plan to purchase, and get us your gift at a $25 value buy Sunday, December 5th for distribution on December 12th:


This December, the Kingstowne Communion, Washington Farm United Methodist Church, and Woodlawn Press Winery are teaming up to provide a warm Christmas supper to 500+ people living in poverty along Route 1 cooridor and served by Rising Hope. As families come to pick up their Christmas Angel gifts, we will send them home with a hot and hearty turkey dinner for the whole family, a menu planned and prepared by local Army Chef John Densham.
Email Melissa Hall at if you would like to help serve or support this meal. More information to come including a sign-up for volunteers to help prepare, portion, and distribute meals the day of.
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For more information about Rising Hope Mission Church, visit

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