Grateful: The Move from “Me” to “We”

Grateful: The Move from “Me” to “We”
November 9, 2019 Comments Off on Grateful: The Move from “Me” to “We” News Bret Salmons

A 5-week sermon series beginning Oct 27

Four out of five Americans report feeling gratitude on a regular basis, and 78% of Americans (90% of Christians) say they have felt strongly thankful just in the last week. And yet, the same study shows that Americans are more anxious, less optimistic, and more distrustful than ever. Why is that?

Why is it that personalized stationary stores are regaining their popularity and #thankful posts fill our November news feeds, and yet rage, entitlement, and fear are on the rise? What is this gap in gratitude? Why do our personal feelings seem mostly disconnected from the larger concerns of our public life? If gratitude is good and we deeply desire it, why is it so hard to live?

Join us as we untangle our conflicting understandings of gratitude and move from “me” to “we.”

Sun, Oct 27 | The Difficulty with Gratitude
Sun, Nov 3 | “Feeling” Grateful
Sun, Nov 10 | Habits of Gratitude
Sun, Nov 17 | Grateful Together
Sun, Nov 24 | A Society of Gratitude