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Over the last seven years of mission and ministry together at Kingstowne, so many saints have helped to shape this church in the courageous, creative, and collaborative story of Christ’s love that we believe our greater-Alexandria corner of creation needs and craves – especially those who don’t know they need it yet or those who have been hurt by a different, tainted story of who and how God loves. And from the beginning we've been upfront about about how the Church that we believe God longs to build today – the Church of the future – is one that, as the apostles James and Paul put it, are "lacking in nothing," steadfast in its mission to live lean but love large.

It is our three core values, which remain just as relevant to our way of being church today as they did at their inception - courageous conversation, creative community, and collaborating for the common good - have served, not only as values but. as virtues for us on the path toward lacking nothing. Thank you for being a part of and supporting financially this incredible mission!

Please view and consider the documents below, and join us this September and October in living lean, loving large but lacking nothing, by making your pledge toward our ministry in 2024 and beyond. If you have any questions or concern, please email and/or join us on Sunday, October 1 for Kingstowne's 7th birthday & church town hall and annual church conference.

This year's stewardship commitment Sundays, where you are invited to make your pledge for the year ahead, are scheduled for Sundays, October 8, 15, 22, and 29 at our outdoor services at Franconia District Park. Turn in your pledge card during the offering or submit your pledge virtually at the link above. 

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