Worship Service 1/14/23 | This Little Light of Mine (Wk 2)

Jan 14, 2024    Michelle Matthews

The season of Epiphany, spanning between Christmas and Lent, begins with the three wise ones following the light of a star and ends with the bright light of Jesus' transfiguration on the mountain.

It's in this season of light when we not only stand in awe of the Light of the World born in Jesus but recognize also that light ablaze in each of us - Christ's light meant to be shined and shared with others.

Unfortunately, though, within the Church, it's often those Christians who share and shine the brightest (and tell it on the mountain the loudest) that present a Gospel that does not reflect the fullness of God's love, light, and good news in Jesus. As such, the word "evangelism" - which just means "sharing God's good news" - has long been relegated to the world of church-y curse words.

Join us this January-February 2024 as we acknowledge the little light inside of each of us, reclaim the E-word, and de-bushel our light, so that we might let it shine, let it shine, let it shine!